The Center for Lebanese Heritage

What we do

CLH is an interdepartmental unit within the Lebanese American University. It is charged with the collection and documentation of tangible and intangible materials related to Lebanon’s heritage.

The Center constantly seeks the counsel and experience of experts in different disciplines. To that end it created from the outset an Advisory Council and it plans to establish an Academic Council. For the time being an Academic Committee provides advice on acquisitions of heritage materials.

The Center’s director, Henri Zoghaib, works in conjunction with these parties toward the Center’s goals.

Advisory Council members:

Academic Committee members:

CLH relies on personal contributions from people who want to perpetuate the legacy of their assets — printed materials, out-of-print books and periodicals, personal belongings of Lebanese writers, traditional items, etc. The Center is funded by LAU as well as private donations from different sources.

The Center hopes its Heritage Magazine will become a repository of research studies. CLH encourages students and researchers to delve into topics related to Lebanese heritage in different areas.